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Agenda 2015

More than 50 speakers will explain you the advantages Cloud Computing & Datacenters and the way your organization should make the transfer to it.

We plan eight tracks:

  • Advantages and added value of datacenters & cloud
  • How can I migration to the cloud and what are potential traps?
  • Cloud: for which applications?
  • The future of specialized clouds
  • The cloud juridical: safety, privacy and liability
  • Hybrid-cloud solutions and private/public clouds
  • Best practices
  • The services of my datacenter and cloud supplier

During the event, we will make the difference between interventions that focus on in-depth content (suggestion for visotors who are already familiar with the cloud, professionals/experts) and interventions that will explain you everything from A to Z about how to move to the cloud (suggestion for visitors that want to make their first steps towards the cloud).



08u00 - 09u20 Registration and coffee
09u20 - 10u00 Plenary Conference - KEYNOTE: The importance of cloud for the European Economy - Bernd Becker, President Eurocloud

Room 1

Tracks: Cloud, for which applications - The services of my datacenter and cloud supplier

10u00 - 10u30 Autoscaling in the cloud explained - David Geens, Managing partner Nucleus
10u30 - 11u00 The guaranteed performance of virtualized storage - Martina Verron, System engineer Tintri

11u00 - 11u15 Coffee Break

11u15 - 12u15 How cloud addresses the needs of today's internet - Thijs Feryn, Tech evangelist Combell/Unitt
12u15 - 12u45 Boost your business: 'from start-up to scale-up' - Niels Vanden Buverie, Business development manager Teamleader

12u45 - 13u30 Free Walking Dinner

13u30 - 14u00 Combining private and public cloud with Microsoft Office 365 - Philippe Briat, Business development director NSI
14u00 - 14u30 A European cloud for clouds - Geert Kuijken, Chief technologist Hewlett Packard Enterprise
14u30 - 15u00 CiCloud, your safe cloud solution - Luc Van Roey & Hans Bartholomeus Cipal

15u00 - 15u15 Coffee Break

15u15 - 15u45 Running the cloud 2.0: flexible and reliable - Eric Vernaeve, Client engagement manager Econocom
15u45 - 16u15 Managed services, from Cloud to the Workplace - Patrick Keutgen, BU Manager Computerland
16u15 - 16u45 Cloud Computing & Data Center: Use cases from INFOPOLE Cluster TIC members - Stéphane Mouton, Patrick Keutgen & Freddy Janssens, Infopole

16u45 - 17u30 Round Table
17u30 - 18u30 Closing drink: Happy Hour by Ondit

Room 2

Tracks: Best practices - Migration to the cloud: potential traps

10u00 - 10u30 Be prepared for the cloud: challenges & approaches - Guy Clarysse, Senior manager Delaware Consulting
10u30 - 11u00 Datacenter outsourcing, do's & don'ts - Marc Vandeputte, Director solutions & technologies Arcadiz Telecom NV

11u00 - 11u15 Coffee Break

11u30 - 11u45 Best Practices for IST commissioning (infrastructure testing) - Emmanuel Bour, Development director Rentaload
11u45 - 12u15 The Future-Proof Workspace - Tips for cloud integration - Sofie De Vos, Director Innovation, Solution and Production Services, Getronics
12u15 - 12u45 How the cloud made BTV to reduce IT-costs by 24% - Yves Lemense, CEO BTV & Erwin Roels, Sales director Cheops

12u45 - 13u30 Free Walking Dinner

13u30 - 14u00 Driving BKCP's digital transformation: before, during and after - Yves van der Beken, CIO BKCP Bank / Bogdan Neacsu, Business development manager Clearstream
14u00 - 14u30 Best practices for moving to the cloud - Erik De Nert, Cloud architect Econocom
14u30 - 15u00 Considerations on your way to the cloud - Juergen Domnik, Director strategic programs Dell EMEA

15u00 - 15u15 Coffee Break

15u15 - 15u45 Cloud migration: tips & tricks, Wilfried Landsheer, BU Manager Systemat
15u45 - 16u15 WORKSHOP Systemat: Reduce Downtime and Slow-time in the Borderless Enterprise

16u45 - 17u30 Round Table
17u30 - 18u30 Closing drink: Happy Hour by Ondit

Room 3

Tracks: Hybrid-cloud solutions & public/private clouds - The future of (specialized) clouds

10u00 - 10u30 Eurid customer case for EBRC - Eleni Postantzi, Systems team leader for Eurid/EBRC
10u30 - 11u00 Backing-up private cloud to local public cloud - Timothy Dewin, System engineer Veeam

11u00 - 11u15 Coffee Break

11u15 - 12u00 Mastering Contractual and SLA aspects of cloud solutions - Bertus Doppenberg, Manager managed cloud services Proact
12u00 - 12u45 Integrating private and public cloud infrastructure services - Filip Casteleyn, Senior cloud architect Proact

12u45 - 13u30 Free Walking Dinner

13u30 - 14u00 Hear about the flexible, scalable and secure solutions Getronics has provided to Corona Direct – Tom Mertens, Data Center engineer at Getronics
14u00 - 14u30 Billing in a hybrid cloud model - Erlend Schenkels, Cloud business manager Uptime Elastix
14u30 - 15u00 Hybrid cloud starts 'on premise' - Kim Fertinel, Cloud solutiuons sales Uptime Elastix

15u00 - 15u15 Coffee Break

15u15 - 15u45 Customer Case: Hybrid-private-cloud dual datacenter solution - Jurgen Dumont, CEO ITAF
15u45 - 16u15 The challenges of Cloud implementation and how they affect organisations - Michel Claude, Sungard Availability Services
​16u15 - 16u45 Workshop A.S. : Which type of Cloud for which activity?

16u45 - 17u30 Round Table
17u30 - 18u30 Closing drink: Happy Hour by Ondit

Room 4

Tracks: Advantages and TCO of datacenters & cloud

10u00 - 10u30 DCIM in a converged context (The SKY customer case) - Matthew Farnell, Software solutions director Schneider

10u30 - 11u00 How to optimize TCO using best practices in energy management for datacenters - Kurt Verstraelen, Business development manager Schneider

11u00 - 11u15 Coffee Break

11u15 - 12u15 Control your workload everywhere - Thierry Boonen, Cloud lead belux Cisco
12u15 - 12u45 Cloud Computing for software companies & startups - Nick Boucart, Senior advisor Agoria

12u45 - 13u30 Free Walking Dinner

13u30 - 14u30 Responsabilities in "as a service" Datacenter model - Thibault Meur, Business development manager Cofely
14u30 - 15u00 The importance of cloud service certification - the Eurocloud model, Bernd Becker, President Eurocloud

15u15 - 16u15 Consistent storage, data tiering, remote replication, DRaaS: the new generation philosophies for data storage and security - Luca Minoja, CTO Horatio Storage
16u15 - 16u45 G-Cloud: Pragmatisch helpen bouwen aan de government cloud - Frank Robben, Administrateur General Kruispuntbank Sociale Zekerheid

16u45 - 17u30 Round Table
17u30 - 18u30 Closing drink: Happy Hour by Ondit

Room 5

10u00 - 10u30 How to Interconnect your datacenter to the public cloud - Frederik Dewulf & Rutger ter Hoeven, Interxion
10u30 - 11u00 Customer Case: Asking the right questions on the way to the Cloud - Erwin Roels, Cheops

11u00 - 11u15 Coffee break

11u15 - 11u45 Managing the integration of public cloud services in your business - Henk Uyttenhove, Product development manager Thinfactory/Saasforce
11u45 - 12u15 Luxembourg: a Gateway in Europe for Trusted Cloud & Data Center Services - Alexander Duwaerts, member of Eurocloud Luxembourg
12u15 - 12u45 Cloud, SaaS & Hosting BeLux : Situation, Evolution & Comparison with NL - Pierre Mercier, CEO Computer Profile

12u45 - 13u30 Free Walking Dinner

13u30 - 14u00 Evolution of Application Deployment and Management: a glimpse of three EU research projects - Stéphane Mouton, Cetic
14u00 - 14u30 The future of datacenters: invisible infrastructure - Bert Arnauts, Country manager Nutanix
14u30 - 15u00 WORKSHOP NUTANIX: How to build your datacenter with invisible infrastructure

15u00 - 15u15 Coffee Break

15u15 - 16u15 WORKSHOP SCHNEIDER : DCLS - Lifecycle Management Datacenters

16u45 - 17u30 Round Table
17u30 - 18u30 Closing drink: Happy Hour by Ondit

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