Accomodatie Contact Tuesday, November 17th 2015, Brussels

Guy Clarysse

Delaware Consulting

Senior Manager

Zaalnummer 2
10.00 - 10.30

Don’t deny Cloud, Be prepared!

Vendor lock-in, data security, compliancy and quality of service are the most commonly mentioned cloud computing related risks and challenges. However, the most significant risk of cloud computing might be the denial of its actual and future importance. As cloud solutions are ubiquitous available, those best-of-breed ,TCO reducing, innovating and business thriving applications will be sourced by the end-users, not seldom without the involvement of the IT department. And here is the main threat of cloud computing: the shadow sourcing of cloud services by the end-user community. Because the intrinsic cloud risks and challenges are of course still there, but are now not under the control of the IT department. This is why IT departments should take the lead in the journey to the cloud. How? In this session we explain in more detail the challenges and  approaches to prepare for the cloud.


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