Accomodatie Contact Tuesday, November 17th 2015, Brussels

Verron Martina


System Engineer

Zaalnummer 1
10.30 - 11.00

How many mouse clicks does it take to find the rogue VM ?

Tintri is a new type of storage that has been designed specifically and exclusively for virtualised workloads. We offer two guarantees: 1. Tintri customers never have to manage any aspect of their virtualised storage infrastructure again. 2. We fix storage related performance problems for ever / once and for all. Tintri is completely different to conventional storage – it doesn't use traditional storage constructs of LUNs, Volumes, Aggregates etc and integrates directly with the hypervisor. Any hypervisor for that matter. No manual tuning is required – Tintri is entirely self-optimising to changing IO profiles for each and every vmdk (and in real time) Also every vmdk has it's own I/O lane in the filesystem (FIFO queue) which ensures zero contention and guarantees that the bad behaviour of one VM will never affect the performance or user experience of another VM on the system.

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