Accomodatie Contact Tuesday, November 17th 2015, Brussels

Thijs Feryn

Combell / Unitt

Tech evangelist

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11:15 - 12.15

How Cloud technology addresses the needs of today's internet


In the year 2015 Cloud doesn't seem that exciting anymore. We know what SaaS, PaaS & IaaS are and we're familiar with the concept of putting our data and our services "in the cloud".

Despite the fact that Cloud seems like the new normal, there is still a lot of innovation happening: developers and operations engineers are constantly adopting new Cloud-enabled technology. Architecture for the web has changed dramatically, the way we work with data is changing and new deployment strategies have a huge impact on organizations.

In this presentation we will compare the perception people have of Cloud with the technological reality and the business requirements that drive this innovation. Combell & Unitt will also explain how they experience these changes and illustrate it with a couple of specific cases. This talk is targeted at decision makers who want to get a grip on where web development and web operations is heading and not get lost in the jargon.


Thijs Feryn is a technical evangelist at a Belgian webhosting company called Combell His goal is to bring technology to the people and people to technology. He focuses on bridging the gap between code and infrastructure. Thijs is also involved in many open source communities and leads the PHPBenelux community. He speaks, listens, writes, codes, teaches, organizes and is above all very excited to speak at Cloud Computing & Data Center forum BeLux this year.

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