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Aermec, founded in 1961, counts amongst Europe’s longest established Air Conditioning suppliers, with over 70 Distributors and 10 Subsidiaries covering all continents. Aermec Group turnover exceeds €300m, with 6 Centres of Excellence, 1600 employees and 8 manufacturing locations.

Aermec has supplied over 100MW of cooling into data centres. Specific data centre solutions include Indirect Evaporative Coolers combining free-cooling with adiabatic cooling, advanced free-cooling chillers incorporating Aermec’s unique Dynamic Set Point, a comprehensive range of Precision Air Conditioners and In-Rack units, and underfloor boosting units. 

Each unit exiting the factories undergoes meticulous testing processes, and numerous certifications including Eurovent, MCS, cUL and AHRI testify to Aermec’s attention to detail. Aermec’s R&D test labs, Eurovent certified up to 2MW, are Europe’s largest, and have been specifically developed to allow personalised customer witness testing.

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